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Ferris is the Zero Waste app for giving and getting for free.

86% of people in the UK are concerned about their day-to-day living costs. Meanwhile, 350,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill every year. That’s not even counting furniture, toys, electronics, books or anything else.

WTF!....This makes no sense. That’s where Ferris is making a difference. We're here to make the circular economy fun and rewarding.

Ferris is the Zero Waste App for giving and getting stuff for free. No haggling, no bidding, no postage and packaging, just super simple and sustainable sharing.

It takes 30 secs to post something, and less to request an item - three clicks!

Goodbye Landfill. Hello Planet.

Really good app for passing on my preloved items, glad they could go to a good home!

Sharing is caring.
Remember when you're mum told you to share? Well she was right. Ferris makes it easy to share for free. Anything from clothes to sofas, electronics to caravans (yes we had one).

Buying is boring.

Haggling on price, organising postage and packaging, bidding for stuff... Yawn. We make it dead easy by only allowing people close by to share stuff. No discount codes, no voucher codes, no promo codes!

Landfill is so last year. 

Sharing items is not only good for your pockets, it keeps items out of landfill and means less new stuff has to be made. We aim to save one million items from landfill.

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