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How to nab a £1,000 preloved item on Ferris

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We've seen thousands of items posted on Ferris, and hence witnessed thousands of successful requests for amazing preloved items. We'll tell you how we would go about ensuring that you have the best chance of getting those great items, in these five useful tips.

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Tip #1 - Check back regularly

It won't come as a surprise to you that the best items come and go super-quickly. To give yourself the best chance of nabbing that dream preloved item, visit the app regularly. This will maximise the chance of 'stumbling' upon your dream preloved item.

Tip #2 - Be Patient

Finding preloved gems is a marathon not a sprint. Those valuable items may not appear on Ferris as often as any of us would like - but they do appear. Remember, we've had pianos, designer clothing, laptops and even a caravan appear on Ferris - imagine if you stay strong what you can get!

"we've had pianos, designer clothes, laptops..."

Tip #3 - Be polite

Put the shoe on the other foot for a second. You're giving away an amazing preloved item that you just simply don't have space for anymore. You're getting dozens of messages. One person stands out from the crowd for being that ray of sunshine, asking you how your morning was... I know who I'm giving that treasured preloved item to... Do you?

Tip #4 - Quality not quantity

The most successful of items requested on Ferris aren't those who request everything in sight. It is those who request very specific items that are meaningful. Many people who give stuff away want to distribute items to a few different people.

Tip #5 - Look harder

Sometimes those hidden gems are truly hidden. Don't just stop at the first few items that you see - keep digging to try and find those dream items.

Tip #6 - The Early Bird and Late Bird

There are less people browsing Ferris first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so try these to get preloved hot items that disappears quickly.

Tip #5 - Notifications

Make sure you have downloaded the app, and have notifications switched on. From time to time we will message our community about great stuff that has just gone up on Ferris. This is a great opportunity to be top of the queue just as something is posted!

Why not get started today! Browse Ferris now!

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