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Sustainable gifts for kids

Updated: Jan 10

It's that time of year again, and we're all beginning to think about what to get for our little ones. Probably more so than ever, we're conscious of the impact that those piles of toys have on the environment. Hence, we thought that we'd create a bit of a shopping list to help out this year!

Living Nature

Buying eco-friendly gifts for a child who loves nature can be tough, especially when the latest must-have toys are all made from natural resource-heavy plastic. That's where Living Nature comes in.

Their animal toys come from a range of habitats across the world and they're pretty much the closest to the real thing you'll find. So realistic but oh-so-snuggly, these eco-friendly toys make the perfect playmates for grateful kids this Christmas

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This brand is all about eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable. Think sustainable Etsy. Their goal is to offer a marketplace where consumers can shop for gifts from independent makers, with the peace of mind knowing that everything here has the planet in mind. There are some amazing choices here for kids, that make a refeshing change from the standard mass-market toy store.

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Ethical supermarket

New kid on the block, Ethical Superstore offers fair trade and green consumer products from the world’s leading ethical brands. They pride themselves on enabling visitors to filter by ethics, so you can pick up recycled plastic toys or fair trade gifts. The full range includes gadgets, gifts, cosmetics, foods, beverages, books, plus handmade lifestyle and fashion products.

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